21st Oct, 2016

Voyage hopes to change history

Aaron Wise 19th Jun, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

THE FLAGSHIP of the English Bell Boat fleet has been launched by Evesham MP Nigel Huddleston as the ‘Spirit of Simon de Montfort and Energy Climate Era’.

Mr Huddleston named the fully flagged out bell boats to raise the danger humans cause to the environment.

Together with the crew of the Spirit of Simon de Montfort and Energy Climate Era, the ceremony sent out a message to inspire the world to follow, at Fladbury Paddle Club last Friday (June 12).

Pupils and teachers from Badsey First School gathered at the launch on the River Avon with Johnny Jones, Fladbury international paddler and David Train, president of Fladbury Paddle Club and the inventor of the bell boat, to watch Mr Huddleston name the new members of the fleet.

Mr Train said: “We were delighted that our new MP launched the latest of our ideas to bring all the world on board and work together to tackle its greatest problem ever.

“The Battle of Evesham changed the course of world history. Now we can do it again with parliament and the people working together.”

“The idea is to create a new story, using stories from every culture in the world which have changed history.

“Simon de Montfort’s death, at the Battle of Evesham, played a key part in the evolution of the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ and he is rightly known as the father of parliamentary democracy,” he added.