23rd Jun, 2017

Sightings of notorious cold caller group in Evesham

Joshua Godfrey 17th Oct, 2016 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

POLICE have received reports of a notorious cold caller group after they were seen knocking on doors in Evesham.

Two men were seen knocking on doors in Shannon Way attempting to sell items to residents last Monday (October 10).

A similar incident was also reported in Clyde Avenue.

One of the men has been described as 5ft 8ins tall, with light brown hair and was wearing a blue hooded coat and carrying a dark blue rucksack. He also had a lanyard round his neck but made no attempt to show his ID.

Police believe the two men maybe from a group of sales people known as the ‘Nottingham Knockers.’

Following the incident police have reissued their advice to residents to not buy from any cold caller on the door step.

Any sighting of cold callers should be reported to police by calling 101.