28th Oct, 2016

Renowned artist's work on show in Evesham

Aaron Wise 4th Sep, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

A RENOWNED artist is returning to his roots to hold an exhibition of his paintings in Evesham’s ImaGine.

O’Neal Spence had his work discovered in the Market Square venue and although his paintings are now appreciated across the UK and abroad, he regularly returns to Evesham to exhibit.

The exhibition titled ‘Their Movement’ is a collection of pieces inspired by the mysteries of toys coming alive at night and despite the paintings often taking on a dark side, O’Neal also likes to paint in hope, beauty and love.

“There are two sides of life, happy and sad. I always find myself somewhere between these two emotions,” Mr Spence said.

The exhibition is now on show until Wednesday September, 23.