27th Oct, 2016

Plum Princess chosen ahead of festival

Joshua Godfrey 12th Aug, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

THE 2015 Pershore Plum Princess has been crowned at a glittering gala at the town’s Angel Hotel.

Nine-year-old Alex Sidaway, who attends Holy Redeemer Primary School, was victorious in being chosen to represent the Plum Festival at a series of events thoughout August.

She was joined by her attendants Leila Parker-Borthwick, 10, Tegan Cosnett, eight, and Natasha Blankenship, eight, in their first outing at the Plum Festival Race at Worcester racecourse.

Not only were they in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall but they were interviewed by horse racing commentator Derek Thompson.

The Princess and her attendants were ‘paraded’ around the racecourse in true royal fashion with the festival’s Pershore Purple Plum Prunella and Queen Victoria.

When asked about their experience of the first event the girls replied “plumtastic.”

Visit www.pershoreplumfestival.org.uk for more information on this year’s Plum Festival.