25th Oct, 2016

Fund-raising sees iPads purchased for school

Rob George 3rd Jul, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

YOUNGSTERS at Pinvin CE First School are enjoying a new way of learning after the school was able to purchase 15 new iPads and an Apple iMac computer.

The technological leap was made possible thanks to the kind-hearted fund-raising by the school’s hard working ‘Pals of Pinvin’ parents’ group and saw 15 new iPads purchased.

Children can now download all kinds of useful apps, including ones to help them easily research cross-curricular projects, without having to search through Google.

ICT co-ordinator Jenna Greenfield said: “The children can program on the iPads too, using the hand-held Bee-Bot programmable toy to enable it to move around a maze or route.”