28th May, 2017

Drugs police swoop in raid drama

Joshua Godfrey 10th Dec, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

A DRAMATIC series of drug raids saw police burst into three properties across Evesham and Pershore.

During their first raid on Tuesday morning (December 8) officers swooped into a flat above a Port Street business where one man was arrested after they found cannabis bush and sachets containing a white powder.

The raid began when one officer prepared to break down the door with a battering ram, but discovered the door was left unlocked. Officers then entered the property to begin the search.

A sniffer dog was also brought in to search the flat even further as officers climbed up the front of the building using a ladder to search for any substances that may have been thrown out of the window.

Phones and cash were also seized and bagged up as evidence.

At a later operation at a house in Newlands, Pershore, police also seized 50 wraps containing a white powder while a second raid in the town saw officers leave empty-handed.

Sgt Phil Stayte, from Evesham Police, told the Observer the raid was a positive result for the town.

“It was a positive result, anytime you take drugs off the streets it’s a positive result,” he said.

“I would like to think that seeing police on the streets is a reassuring sign because it say’s that we’re out there doing what the public want, which is protecting them, insuring their safety and keeping drugs off the streets.”