21st Oct, 2016

Creative pupils celebrating arts debut

Rob George 26th Jun, 2015 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

CREATIVE Bengeworth CE Academy pupils are celebrating after a successful debut performance at the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival.

The 14 talented children from years four and five have enjoyed weekly poetry recital classes with a specialist speech and drama teacher.

As a result, all pupils achieved certificates of distinction and merit.

Emily Grove and Veronika Kirova were awarded joint silver medal places and Harvey Garrett earned a gold medal and trophy for his outstanding pirate performance.

Pupils were praised in particular for their vocal clarity, facial expression and ability to bring their poems to life.

Headteacher, Julie Bourdon-Pierre, said, “We have noticed a significant impact on the pupils’ self confidence.

“They are thoroughly enjoying this dynamic twist to the literacy curriculum and am very proud of all children who performed so eloquently in this prestigious and elite competition,” she added.