27th Oct, 2016

A tasty festive treat

Evesham Editorial 27th Nov, 2014 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

Paul Napper, head chef at the Evesham Hotel shares his latest recipe with The Observer.


THESE warming little balls of delight couldn’t be easier to prepare , which is lucky as they tend to disappear off the plate quite fast!

1kg minced beef

1 tblsp ground cumin

1 tblsp ground caraway

½ tin of coconut milk

2 tblsp curry powder

½ tblsp garlic purée

2 eggs

Salt and Pepper to season

1. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until blended together

2. Roll into small ball shapes and season with the salt and pepper

3. Pan fry them until golden brown and checking the middle is cooked through (place in the oven to finish if need be)

You should have about 30-35 balls depending how large you like them.

Don’t forget to decorate with tinsel!