September 30th, 2016

Harvington Pub pulls in its 5,000th customer

Harvington Pub pulls in its 5,000th customer Harvington Pub pulls in its 5,000th customer
Landlady Claire Carson, Dr Glen Ralphs, Lucy Parry, William Parry, Dr Margret Ralphs and landlord Ian Latimer in The Golden Cross. (s)
Updated: 9:50 am, Aug 19, 2016

A HARVINGTON pub which was on the brink of calling last orders for the final time has celebrated serving its 5,000th customer.

The Golden Cross recently celebrated Dr Margret Ralphs as its milestone customer, along with her husband Dr Glen Ralphs, daughter Lucy Parry and grandson William Parry.

Landlords Claire Carson and Ian Latimer, who took the reins of the pub last year, surprised the family with a bottle of champagne.

Ms Carson said: “So many believed the pub would fail and that its reputation was dire and not worth a second thought. They said ‘don’t bother going there as it’s never open’. Well, it hasn’t failed and we’re open every day.

“Ian and I are delighted Dr Margret Ralphs was our 5,000th customer. The family are regular visitors for lunch with us and we couldn’t be happier to acknowledge the loyal support they have given to us.

“The support we’ve had from so many people has been amazing. It has been a joy to serve them.”

Mr Latimer said: “This has been a very exciting start to our journey with The Golden Cross. Claire’s vision and expertise in this industry has brought people from far and wide to experience what we do.

“We’re always looking forward and have many ideas for more milestones in the future,” he added.