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What is Surge Protection and Why You Should Have It in Your Home

Evesham Editorial 28th Jun, 2023   0

Electrical hazards are a major cause of house fires, and voltage surges are often to blame. These temporary increases in voltage can be caused by thunderstorms, switching or just faults in your electronic equipment or wiring. Not only can voltage surges potentially lead to fires, but it’s almost guaranteed to cause damage to your electronic appliances unless you have protection in place. Thankfully, surge protection is relatively common and easy to install if you don’t already have it.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of surge protection and the reasons why every homeowner should think about putting it into practice. We can establish a secure haven where our electronic devices thrive, data is preserved, and possible calamities are avoided by being aware of the hazards posed by power fluctuations and implementing preventative actions.

What is Surge Protection?

A technique or device that protects electrical systems, equipment, and appliances from voltage spikes or surges is known as surge protection. When the standard voltage level in a power supply system is exceeded, there is a brief increase in electrical potential or voltage, known as a voltage surge.

Surges can happen for a number of reasons, such as lightning strikes, changes in the power system, switching activities, or electrical faults. Even though these voltage spikes may only last a fraction of a second, they can seriously harm your home’s delicate electronics and appliances.

Every year, expensive equipment is damaged by voltage surges, particularly those that contain sensitive electronics. It’s also possible that a strong surge can cause your appliance to overheat and even catch fire. While this is rare, it’s still a risk and worth taking measures to prevent it.

Surge protection devices offer protection from cases where the voltage suddenly rises above the threshold. These include surge protection sockets and plugs. These devices can be used in domestic and commercial settings and help protect appliances while reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Why Surge Protection is Important for Your Home

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to have surge protection in your home:

  • Protect your devices – electrical surges can cause serious damage to gadgets and appliances if they’re plugged into the mains when the surge happens. This includes televisions, speakers, computers, games consoles and anything else. Devices that have sensitive electronic components are more likely to be damaged, and these are often the most expensive pieces of equipment in your house.
  • Preserving your valuable data – Most people store lots of valuable information and data on their devices, including photos and documents. Sudden increases in voltage can potentially lead to your data becoming corrupted or wiped, resulting in the permanent loss of that information. It’s hard to put a price on this, especially if they’re sentimental photos.
  • Preventing fires – Severe voltage surges may cause your devices to overheat, potentially leading to fires. Electrical fires can be a serious problem and result in damage not only to your device but also to your home. Not only that, but if left unchecked, a fire could potentially result in injury or even loss of life.

Installing Surge Protection

The easiest way to ensure your home is safe from voltage surges is to invest in surge protection devices. Use surge protection plugs or sockets for devices that are more at risk of being damaged by voltage increases. However, if you want total protection, you should ensure you upgrade all of your electrical outlets.

Consider installing a whole house surge protection system at the main electrical panel to give your home total coverage. Check that any surge protection devices you use have the right joule rating, which is a measure of how much energy they can absorb from a surge. They should also feature indicator lights which allow you to easily check on their status.

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