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The Cheapest Vans to Insure in 2024

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As a van driver, whether you use your vehicle for personal or business purposes, finding affordable insurance is crucial. The cost of van insurance can vary significantly depending on factors such as the make and model of your van, its engine size, and security features. In this article, we’ll explore some of the cheapest vans to insure in the UK and provide tips on how to reduce your insurance premiums.

What Are Insurance Groups and How Do They Affect Van Insurance Costs?

Before we delve into the cheapest vans to insure, it’s essential to understand insurance groups. In the UK, vans are assigned to insurance groups ranging from 1 to 50, with group 1 being the cheapest to insure and group 50 being the most expensive.

Vans registered before 2016 are classified into groups 1-20, while those registered after 2016 fall into groups 21-50. Insurance groups are determined by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and consider factors such as the cost of repairs, the van’s value, and its performance.

The Cheapest Vans to Insure

1. Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo is a popular choice among van drivers, thanks to its versatility and affordability. With engine sizes ranging from 1360cc to 1997cc, the Berlingo offers a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. The smaller engine variants, in particular, fall into the lowest insurance groups, making the Berlingo one of the cheapest vans to insure.

The Berlingo is available in both panel van and crew van configurations, providing flexibility for various business needs. Its spacious load area and comfortable interior make it a practical choice for deliveries, tradespeople, and small businesses alike.

2. Ford Fiesta Van

The Ford Fiesta Van, especially the 2013 model, is a compact and economical option for those seeking affordable van insurance. The 1.5-litre TDCi model, available in both Econetic and Sport trims, falls into insurance group 1, the lowest possible category. The 1.25-litre

petrol version is also highly affordable, sitting in group 1E, which indicates that it surpasses Thatcham’s security requirements.

Despite its small size, the Fiesta Van offers impressive fuel efficiency and a surprisingly spacious load area, making it an excellent choice for urban deliveries and businesses operating in congested areas.

3. Vauxhall Corsa Van

Derived from the ever-popular Vauxhall Corsa car, the Corsa Van is a compact and fuel-efficient choice that falls into insurance group 1. Its small dimensions make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, perfect for local deliveries and small businesses operating in urban environments.

The Corsa Van offers a refined driving experience and a well-equipped interior, featuring modern technology and comfort features. Its payload capacity, while not as substantial as larger vans, is more than adequate for many small businesses and sole traders.

4. Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is a versatile and reliable choice for van drivers, with certain models falling into insurance group 3. Specifically, the Caddy with a 999cc engine and a weight of 1,600kg is one of the most affordable variants to insure. While some Caddy models can reach category 34, opting for a smaller, less powerful version can result in lower insurance premiums.

The Caddy offers a balance between practicality and comfort, with a well-designed interior and advanced safety features. Its load area is adaptable, with various configurations available to suit different business needs.

5. Renault Trafic

For those requiring a larger van without the burden of high insurance costs, the Renault Trafic is a strong contender. With engine sizes ranging from 1397cc to 2499cc and a maximum payload of 2298kg, the Trafic provides excellent performance while remaining relatively affordable to insure.

The Trafic is available in a range of body styles, including panel van, crew van, and passenger variants, catering to diverse business requirements. Its spacious and well-appointed interior, combined with advanced technology features, make it a comfortable and efficient choice for longer journeys and demanding work schedules.

Factors That Affect Van Insurance Costs

1. Van Size and Weight

Larger and heavier vans tend to be more expensive to insure due to the potential for greater damage in the event of an accident. Choosing a smaller van that still meets your needs can help reduce your insurance premiums.

2. Engine Size and Performance

Vans with larger, more powerful engines are often placed in higher insurance groups, as they are considered a higher risk. Opting for a van with a smaller engine that still provides sufficient power for your requirements can lead to lower insurance costs.

3. Security Features

Vans equipped with advanced security features, such as alarms, immobilisers, and tracking devices, may qualify for lower insurance premiums. Insurers view these features as a deterrent to theft and vandalism, reducing the likelihood of a claim.

4. Modifications

Modified vans can be more expensive to insure, as insurers may find it challenging to cover the cost of replacing a van that has been altered from the manufacturer’s original specifications. However, some modifications, such as those that enhance security, can potentially lower your premiums.

Tips for Reducing Van Insurance Costs

1. Pay a Higher Voluntary Excess

Agreeing to pay a higher voluntary excess in the event of a claim can lower your insurance premiums. However, make sure you can afford the excess amount should you need to make a claim.

2. Increase Van Security

Installing additional security devices, such as alarms, immobilisers, and trackers, can help reduce your insurance costs. Declare these features when obtaining quotes to ensure you receive any applicable discounts.

3. Consider Telematics Insurance

Telematics or black box insurance policies base your premiums on your driving behaviour. By demonstrating safe and responsible driving habits, you could potentially lower your insurance costs.

Zego, a leading commercial van insurance provider, offers telematics-based policies that can help you save money on your premiums. By installing a small device in your van, Zego can monitor your driving habits and reward safe driving with lower insurance costs.

4. Compare Quotes from Multiple Providers

Don’t settle for the first insurance quote you receive. Compare offers from multiple providers to find the most competitive rates. Remember that the cheapest policy may not always provide the best value, so consider factors such as coverage levels and customer reviews when making your decision.

Zego’s van insurance policies are tailored to your specific needs, offering competitive rates and flexible coverage options. By comparing quotes from Zego and other providers, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on your van insurance.

5. Choose the Right Level of Cover

Carefully consider your insurance needs and choose a level of cover that adequately protects you without unnecessary extras. For example, if you only use your van for business purposes, you may not need personal use cover.

What is the cheapest van to insure in the UK?

The Citroen Berlingo, Ford Fiesta Van, and Vauxhall Corsa Van are among the cheapest vans to insure in the UK, often falling into the lowest insurance groups. When searching for commercial van insurance, Zego’s tailored policies, offer competitive rates and flexible coverage options. With Zego’s telematics-based approach, you can potentially save money on your premiums by demonstrating safe and responsible driving habits.

How can I find out which insurance group my van is in?

You can check your van’s insurance group by using online resources provided by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) or by contacting your insurance provider directly.

Will modifications affect my van insurance costs?

Modifications can affect your van insurance costs, often increasing premiums if the changes are purely cosmetic or performance-enhancing. However, some modifications, such as those that improve security, may help lower your insurance costs.

Is it cheaper to pay van insurance annually or monthly?

Paying your van insurance annually is usually cheaper than paying monthly instalments, as insurers often charge interest or administrative fees for monthly payments.

How can I find the best deal on van insurance?

To find the best deal on van insurance, compare quotes from multiple providers, consider increasing your voluntary excess, and explore telematics insurance options. Additionally, maintaining a clean driving record and enhancing your van’s security can help lower your premiums.

In conclusion, finding affordable van insurance requires careful consideration of your vehicle’s specifications, your individual needs, and the various factors that influence insurance costs. By choosing one of the cheapest vans to insure, implementing cost-saving measures, and comparing quotes from multiple providers, you can secure the coverage you need at a price that suits your budget.

Article written by Steve Cook at Zego Insurance

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