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Shooters in which you can try real combat

Evesham Editorial 27th Feb, 2024   0

One of the most popular and sought-after genres in the gaming industry is shooters.

Many players like to experience the action and drive and at the same time independently make their main contribution to the development of the plot or the course of the battle, because each player at such moments decides the outcome of the fighting with his accuracy, determination and, albeit playful, but still fearlessness.

An important clarification – there are two types of shooters, some give you entertainment and constant action, and the second focus on realism, when special forces can get to the target for half an hour, fire one shot and leave unnoticed, because that was the order.

This format is not interesting to everyone, but players who love realism and the feeling of how it would be with them in real life can try this experience, and it is better if it is in the virtual world rather than the real one.

Escape from Tarkov

This is a format of non-standard confrontations between two private military companies that represent Russia and the United States in a local conflict over the tiny territory of Tarkov.

The project relies on realism, so it is important to move correctly, shoot taking into account the height model and ballistics of the target, and constantly look for replenishment of ammunition and strengthening your combat capabilities, just like if you were behind enemy lines.

Eft roubles will play an important role, for example, you can pay for insurance and simplify the Tarkov principle a little – one death, loss of everything and the start of the game as a new operative. But with money, you can pay for insurance and not lose some of the equipment and valuable weapons with accessories that you don’t want to lose in battle.

Your starting equipment will not be optimal, and in order to get improved equipment, you need to go alone or as part of a group into dangerous territories to look for new ones and attack enemies and bandits who may get in your way.

It is worth remembering that this is not an arcade game and you will not be able to kill dozens of soldiers alone, at least at the beginning and not as quickly as it happens in more simplified and spectacular games.

Always look for cover because you never know if one of the enemies can see you.

Shoot sparingly and accurately, because they tend to run out very quickly, especially in protracted battles, and always try to grab something valuable in addition to weapons and ammunition, for example, decorative elements that the nurse really likes to buy in order to get extra Tarkov roubles.

Use the technique of peeking around corners to scout out buildings and strong points, otherwise you simply risk running into an enemy and getting shot.

It’s best to play Tarkov as part of squads, so you can tactically capture and hold points, distribute all the loot and go with it to a peaceful zone.

You can combine attacks with suppressive fire and throwing grenades, or hold the defense from several directions at once, if the right points are chosen, and you have good weapons and a supply of ammunition.

The main idea of Tarkov is battles between small teams that hunt for prey, cover each other and earn roubles in the Escape from Tarkov for insurance and the redemption of interesting lots on the trading platform.


One of the best and most realistic military shooters that allows you to feel like part of a huge army with the participation of tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and airplanes and all types of infantry and special operations forces to solve local and large-scale problems with breaking through the front, or holding back the defense.

You will go through a storyline in which you arrive at a small and remote island as part of a US peacekeeping contingent to help resolve the conflict between two armies, but events will develop rapidly, and you may not notice how the entire army will be drawn into a large conflict without numerical superiority.

You will begin missions with guerrilla actions and accumulate forces and means to pull the initiative and go on the offensive and control the situation until reinforcements arrive.

You will have access to weapon customization, and you should always remember that allies and enemies will always act together and cover each other, so it is important to be a stable part of this link yourself.

Gradually, as you complete missions and master general mechanics, tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft will begin to appear on the battlefield, which will help and hinder depending on whose forces they are on the battlefield.

Operation Flashpoint

This is one of the first games that offered the gaming community the opportunity to try their hand at real combat as part of a large army and feel the emotions of large landings, when more than 100 people are dropped in helicopters along with equipment and other equipment, and this is just a small example.

If you like the classics, then try the very first version – Cold War Crisis, in which the US and USSR armies with all types of armored vehicles and aircraft will come together in battle on a little-known island. Even if the Union troops are commanded by a traitor General, the complexity of the US task will not decrease.

If you like non-standard formats of military operations and simulation of wars that have not happened, but could potentially happen and how they would take place, then try the Dragon Racing version, in which China, in a race for resources, begins to seize Russian territory and the United States intervenes to repel the attack – The scenario looks incredible, which is why it’s interesting to try out this version of events in a game form.

You will go through the entire company in the staff of special operations forces in a group of four soldiers who will act both alone and as part of a squad – it all depends on the situation and combat mission.

You have a mission to clear important areas of the front.

You’ll storm entire Chinese defenses, supported by aircraft, armored vehicles and tanks, to capture and hold villages and airfields to increase the effect of US troops and weaken the attacking invaders.

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