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Budget-Friendly Kitchen decoration ideas

Evesham Editorial 19th May, 2023   0

You wanted for a long time to change the aspect of your kitchen, but you thought that you would spend a fortune on this home improvement project. The good news is that minor adjustments can often make a significant difference, and you don’t need to change your entire kitchen; you only have to add some stylish decorations, and your kitchen will look brand new. Plenty of decorative ideas, low-cost materials and kitchen units will spice up your cooking space.

So, whether you are looking for a way to modernise your kitchen or add some details to make it feel more personal, these budget-friendly kitchen decoration ideas will help create a space you love spending time in.

Add playful accessories

If you don’t want to do a whole makeover, you can always add accessories, as they can play a little magic and improve your kitchen aspect. Just because your kitchen is a practical space, it doesn’t mean you can’t add playful decorations. You can buy a pretty colourful vase for your flowers, some new popular house plants, or hang culinary arts on your walls. You can also invest in sustainable kitchen products made from wood or marble to revamp the overall look. You can choose marble chopping boards, wooden utensils and ceramic storage jars. In this way, you will love to spend time in the kitchen, even if you are not a big fan of cooking.

Introduce texture

Adding texture is an excellent way to change your cooking space. Texture in a room improves the general aspect as there will be surfaces and pieces that will stand out from their surroundings, becoming  focal points. You can add texture to your kitchen with many materials, from soft textiles to more rigid materials like wood and stone. If you want to break up the monotony of a traditionally painted room, you can add a textured wall. You can paint the wall another colour or use wallpaper, tile or stone to change its appearance. The worktops are also places where you can insert texture. Wood, granite and stone are popular choices for elevating your worktops.

Update your kitchen furniture

Upgrading your kitchen furniture will make a significant impact, and you don’t have to spend much money on this investment. There are countless models of cheap kitchen units available on the market that have an appealing look and are very practical. You can revamp only some parts, like a cupboard or a drawer or change your kitchen furniture completely with some new and affordable kitchen units.

Make an attractive kitchen storage

Getting your kitchen organised is a must if you want to create a high-end look. You don’t want to have your kitchen tools spread everywhere and search for hours for what you need. So, you need to set up attractive kitchen storage, like open shelving, as it is an intelligent idea and looks stylish.  You can remove the door of one of your cabinets to do this, and you will not need to spend a penny on buying new shelves. As an alternative, you can buy some grid storage baskets. They are available in various sizes, creating an elegant touch to your space while leaving your items on display.

Create a gallery wall

Gallery art units aren’t just for bedrooms or living areas; they can also be incorporated into your kitchen. They will change the entire look of the room and put a smile on your face every time you are there. You can add inspiring prints in different sizes and frames. You can choose your gallery’s theme and style and purchase wall art accordingly. You can pick paintings with quotes and beautiful landscapes if you want a classy gallery wall. If you wish to have an art gallery where the kitchen is the main inspiration, you can choose prints with cooking elements, such as fruits and vegetables. Or you can opt for abstract art and give your kitchen a modern finish.

Install statement lighting

If you want a quick and simple kitchen glow-up, you can replace your current lights with statement elements. Besides its key function, lighting can transform your kitchen and make it look bigger or highlight the key pieces to create a welcoming ambiance. You can choose from many models: glamourous globe lights or mixed displays of lights in various shapes and sizes. If you want a boho vibe, you can go for an oversized design in natural woven materials. These types of lights will introduce texture and rustic elements without the necessity to spend a large amount of money.

Place herb holders

If you are a food lover and like cooking tasty meals from scratch, decorate your kitchen with herb holders. Choose some nice jars or plant some herbs, like mint, basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley or thyme in pots. You can place them on the kitchen island or on a trolley, or on a  shelf on the wall. Don’t forget to write the name of each herb on the pot, and remember to water them often!

Add a touch of colour

If you want your kitchen to look more lively, you can add a touch of colour. Without a big makeover, you can change the entire aspect and fall in love with your kitchen again. You can play with paint, and instead of painting only the walls, you can also change the aspect of your drawers and cabinets. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to add a splash of colour to any room; and you can choose a colour you know will be admired, like cornflower blue or jade green. Another unexpected place to put paint is on the ceiling, and you can also try it using a warm yellow for a sunny space, or you can go bold with a shade of eggplant.

Final words

Whether you’re simply looking to change your space a little or want to give your kitchen another appearance, there are endless opportunities to elevate your kitchen and transform it into something truly personal and unique. And the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune, as there are many cheap ideas you can try.


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