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Breaking Down Casino Lingo in Easy-to-Understand Terms

Evesham Editorial 9th Nov, 2023   0

The gambling industry has jargon that might confuse outsiders, but it is essential to grasp if you want to have a good time. These terms aren’t just jargon; they’re the basis for understanding the techniques and regulations that govern the world of gambling.

According to, to enjoy a gambling experience you have to nurture positive interactions, and to do that you need to know the languages you may encounter through this journey.

Each phrase, from the common “odds” to the more technical “parlay,” is crucial in influencing how players approach certain games. The goal of this guide is to simplify gambling jargon so that anyone can participate in this exciting pastime with greater ease and assurance.


In the blackjack game, a person is “bust” when their number of cards rises above 21. When someone says, “I busted,” it means that their hand value has gone over the magic number of 21, and they lose the round right away. If a player does go over, they “bust.” No matter what the dealer’s hand is, once a person “busts,” they automatically lose that round. It is an important term to know when playing blackjack because it means that a player’s hand is no longer valid and their bet is lost.

“Snake Eyes”

It’s a common phrase heard when playing games involving dice, such as craps. When both dice have a single dot on them, it means you rolled a two. Two consecutive ones look like a snake, hence the name. Due to its low value and potential loss, rolling “Snake Eyes” is typically seen as unlucky or bad in many dice games. A roll of two (two ones) in craps, for example, could result in a loss of the round, depending on the house rules in effect. The term “Snake Eyes” is well-known, and it denotes a certain dice outcome that is usually not desired.


The croupier (or dealer, depending on local use) is the casino worker responsible for a single game table. They may deal with the hands, count the chips, or spin the roulette wheel, depending on the game.

The croupier is the person responsible for collecting bets, dealing cards, or spinning the wheel, among other duties. You can’t have fun at the table without them, and they’re essential to keeping the game fair and interesting for everyone involved, just like what in they’re like a crossroads of the game. The games in the casino couldn’t run as smoothly without their professionalism and accuracy.

“Hot Streak”

It is commonly used in the casino gaming industry to describe when a player has a string of consecutive winnings. When things are going well, players tend to feel more secure in their abilities and decisions but like any winning sequence in gaming, a “hot streak” doesn’t ensure continued success and can end at any time. It’s a way of talking about a run of successes that you’ve had a lot of recently.

“Pit Boss”

The “pit boss” is a high-ranking casino employee in charge of that portion of the gaming floor known as the “pit.” Quite a few gaming tables can generally be found here. The pit boss functions as a supervisor, overseeing the gaming tables and resolving any potential concerns. They oversee the croupiers and dealers, ensuring everything runs well and everyone plays fairly. The pit boss is also accountable for dealing with customer service issues at the tables, approving players’ credit, and checking for any signs of cheating or suspicious behavior.

Learn This Casino Jargon and Win Bigger Jackpots

Understanding casino jargon is advantageous for a more immersive casino experience, offering insights into the rules and strategies of various games. This understanding can guide your decisions during gameplay, potentially leading to more calculated bets and wiser choices. Additionally, platforms like further complement this understanding by providing various information, including reviews, offers, and informative content tailored to the Canadian gambling market.

The more at ease and confident you feel using the terminology of the casino, the better your chances of winning. It can have a beneficial effect on your gaming decisions and satisfaction levels. While it’s true that knowing the terminology can give you an edge, you should never forget that gambling is ultimately a game of luck. It’s important to bet sensibly, within one’s means, and for fun rather than as a serious means to amass a fortune.


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