September 26th, 2016

Machin drives in as new Evesham men’s captain

Updated: 5:19 pm, May 06, 2015

EVESHAM Golf Club’s John Machin took over the reins as the new men’s captain at the Craycombe Links course on Saturday.

As is customary, John drove three balls down the fairway to the waiting members who line the course, with a prize going to the nearest person.

In the competition itself, which was a team of four format, scoring proved difficult in blustery conditions.

The winners on the day were G Howey, L Ridley, P Batchelor and B Woodward with 88 points, ahead of runners-up M Nedic, D Nightingale, G Parker and A Dauncey with 86 points.

Outgoing men’s captain Mike Abraham (red top, left centre), new captain John Machin (right centre) and vice-captain Brian Osbourne (centre) with other members at the Evesham Golf Club’s captain drive-in. Picture by Alex Bradbury. 1015012ABR2.