September 29th, 2016

Something to Think About

Something to Think About Something to Think About
Evesham Observer Newspaper
Updated: 11:38 am, Sep 14, 2016

THE BRIDGE over the river at Bidford on Avon has seven spans, two of which are on dry ground, one on each bank.

The other five stand over the water but only one is navigable, which means that the people driving the boats have to ‘make the right decision’, otherwise they will be in deep trouble.

Of course the navigable arch is well signposted up stream and down stream of the bridge.

We live in world where we constantly have to make decisions that affect our lives and no doubt we have all, at some time or other, made the wrong decision, even though we have thought long about it.

But, of course there are times when we have to make a split second decision when we have no time to think about it at all.

At one stage just before his cruel death on the Cross, Jesus Christ asked his Father God if he might be excused the trauma of the excruciating death, but he also knew that it was a decision that had been made centuries before.

His disciples had done their utmost to persuade him otherwise but he realised that he was ‘making the right decision’ in order that people could know the true extent of God’s love to the world.

Each of us must ‘make that right decision’ to invite the Lord Jesus into our lives and experience the greatness of that love.

It is the most important decision that we will ever make.

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