September 28th, 2016

Cadets hit target as marksman

Cadets hit target as marksman Cadets hit target as marksman
Updated: 3:18 am, Nov 27, 2015

A TRIO of Pershore air cadets are celebrating after achieving their Squadron Marksman Awards.

Reuben Evans, Zachary Sinclair and Scott Gibson were recently chosen among 233 cadets from the Pershore Squadron, after their impressive performance in its air rifle range.

Air rifle shooting is a popular Olympic Sport, and the cadets took part while being supervised by qualified and experienced instructors.

After full training, the trio underwent progressive practices while shooting in different positions and after achieving consistently high scores they qualified for the awards.

Officer Commanding Flt Lt Steve Pritchett said: “This is an example of the many successes our cadets have achieved and we’re all looking forward to further achievements.”

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