October 1st, 2016

Chef’s Corner

Chef’s Corner Chef’s Corner
Updated: 3:30 pm, May 20, 2016

Kieran Hunt, head chef at the Wood Norton Hotel writes for the Observer

LAST weekend was a scorcher!! OK so maybe it wasn’t quite the Mediterranean, but it was certainly warm enough for a BBQ, which got me to thinking about one of my favourite recipes – BBQ ribs!

In hope that summer will return, eventually, and so you are more than prepared to provide your guests with top BBQ food I give you my favourite BBQ ribs recipe:

You will need:

6 Beef Short Ribs

1 Litre of Beef Stock

300ml Dark Ale

2 Large Onions – Cut in Half with Skin on

Apple Wood Smoked Chips (or similar)

25g Thyme

25g Rosemary

200g Tomato Puree

100g Brown Sauce (HP or similar)

150g Honey

2 Star Anise

1tsp Mustard Powder or English Mustard

Chilli Flakes taste

Salt & Pepper to taste

Please note, I recommend all prep is done on the day before you plan to serve at your BBQ

Method: Stage 1

1. Put Ribs, Beef Stock & Ale in to an oven proof dish to slow cook 90oC for 8 Hours (or until meat is tender)

2. Remove Ribs out of the stock & leave to cool, & place in refrigerator until required later

3. Pass stock through a sieve & place stock in a saucepan

4. Add Tomato Puree & Brown Sauce, Thyme & Rosemary

5. In a separate pan gently heat the Honey, Star Anise, Mustard Powder, Chilli Flakes and slowly simmer until is a sticky & sweet consistency

6. Add the Honey mixture to the first pan, a small amount at a time until the desired taste is reached

Method: Stage 2 (for smoking)

1. In the base of a 2 tier steamer pan, place the smoked chips and set on fire (windows open & extraction should be on or you could do outside – to add some different flavours why not burn hay or tea leaves, be imaginative)

2. Place the Onions in the 1st Level Steamer Tray, put lid on and wrap in tin foil to hold smoke in to smoke the onions for the Sauce Flavour – You will need to keep repeating the process to develop enough smoke, by resetting the chips alight

3. Keep smoking for 2 Hours

Method: Final stage

1. Place the Smoked Onions into the Sauce

2. Continue to simmer the sauce on a medium heat for a further 2 hours

3. Pass the sauce through a sieve & leave to cool

4. Place in the fridge – remove any fat that settles on the top of the sauce – the sauce is also best the day after

5. On your BBQ Day – Generously coat your Ribs in the BBQ Sauce

6. Put Ribs on BBQ until develops a sticky cooked coating, keep glazing with Sauce till piping hot throughout

7. Serve with salad and enjoy on a hot summers day